What is Differential?

  While your car is cornering, that is, with the steering wheel turned, the car turns around a point. That is, it draws a circle with a definite center. But at this time, the path taken by the wheel remaining inside and the wheel remaining outside is not the same. The outside tire has to go fast to catch the inside tire. In this, the differential mechanism is used. It is the mechanism that transfers the power from the engine to the wheels that rotate at different speeds. While cornering, the speed of the inner and outer wheels will not be the same. With this mechanism, friction of the slow wheel is prevented. How the Differential Works The mechanism of the differential system is often confusing to people and difficult to understand. However, it can be easily understood when explained with an example. For example; A gear called the bevel gear directly transfers the movement from the gearbox. There is a hopper attached to it. Inside this chamber, there are two gears call